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meeting assistant is the simplest and most efficient way for professionals to automatically transcribe, summarize, organize, and recall their meeting notes, action items, and data.

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  • Recorded Action Items
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Hendrix is your very own ai personal assistant

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Simply dial Hendrix or invite him via your favourite conferencing app - day or night, Hendrix is available. See your meeting summary in your inbox within a few hours.

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Call Hendrix using your unique dial-in phone number, directly through most online conference platforms, and through many major conference call providers, including:

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We all know meetings can suck - but yours don’t have to

Hendrix works great for companies looking to:

  • Remove the Distraction of Note-Taking
  • Reduce Ineffective Meetings
  • Help People Do Their Best Work

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Here’s what current Hendrix users are saying…

Hendrix has significantly improved our meetings, and the high-level actionable summaries that come away from them. It removes the need for multitasking during important discussions and it allows us to actively listen to our partners while keeping our meetings productive.

Sahr Saffa
Founder @ Cappsule/C-Tribe

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